About the Artist

Glenice is an internationally known artist and author of instructional painting books published by Susan Scheewe Publications. The art she produces has been reproduced on 35 Porcelain Collector plates and figurines. She is a multi-faceted artist and has been a professional artist for many years. She has taught classes through out the United States and Canada and at many major painting conventions using her Photo Realism technique on every surface imaginable. She has done portraits for various celebrities and her painting of President Ronald Reagan’s white Arabian stallion El Alamein hung in the White House while he was in office and now hangs in the Reagan’s home. Her work has been in many galleries and private collections worldwide.

Glenice is active in raising awarness as to the plight of the Mountain Gorillas and the criitical status of their numbers. She paints the Dian Fossey gorillas to help raise support for the work that they do in Ruwanda and the Congo not only to help the gorillas but to help the people of that area as well. Through her paintings of the mountian gorillas she has brought much attention and interest to the cause and her paintings have been featured in many articles about the gorillas as well as by being viewed by thousands at various shows and conventions that she attends.

Glenice specializes in all species of animals, wildlife, and their habitat. She has an eye for detail and paints and teaches the technique of Photo Realism. If you are interested in learning this technique and have a love for nature and animals, then these classes are for you. Glenice will teach you many shortcuts and techniques that you can use to create beautiful paintings for your own enjoyment and self enrichment.

Please contact me for a Travel Teaching Contract which states all requirements.

TO CONTACT ME: glenice007@live.com